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What I do

I support wellness brands in their growth and expansion

Working together

Our common vision and values

I have founded the Senses company to bring more wellness into people’s life. As I got to learn, feeling fulfilled starts with looking after ourselves, gloriously! This is why it is my mission to support wellness brand owners to cultivate their “essence”, as human beings, and instill it into their offers.

Working together will lead to even greater success for your brand. Why?
Simply because combining our expertise will close some gaps, allow you to take a few steps back to get a clearer vision, and have an inspired brand ambassador and salesperson by your side.

#1 Brand Development

Brand assessment and focus group

A first crucial step to have a direct and genuine feedback (from experts and users) about your products and services: basically how they are perceived and received. What you are mastering and what we will be working on. If you are launching, it is time to test the water!

#2 Sales Representation

Promoting, advertising and selling

To make your offer stand out, reinforce your brand image and build a favorable emotional connection with your clientele, we will work on your brand’s messaging and rely it on our global health & wellness platform, as well as being your brand ambassador on our local market.

#3 Product Training

Bringing your team up to speed

As a trained aromatherapist and tea connoisseur, let me share our common passion to your team members, and build a strong knowledge base for the people involved in the service of your brand. From distributors to sales persons, from store managers to therapists.

#4 (New) Team Building

Educational workshops

The common theme of each session will be the use of essential oils & herbs, from a well-being perspective. Based on your preference, will focus on mental, emotional or physical wellness. Specific topics to suit your group will be discussed and planned ahead to create a positive experience and team bonding.