the senses company

The Senses Company Experience

The Senses Company is an expression of what I have learned professionally as well as what I truly love and believe in as a wellness enthusiast.

My fascination for tea, scientific aromatherapy, aromachology, reiki, breathing, meditation and access bars has culminated into a space meant to nurture, heal, and teach the art of self-trust and empowerment through our senses.

My goal is to empower wellness brand owners to transmit their passion for wellness in the most authentic and impactful way possible in order to create real transformation for their clientele and audience. 

The experience

The Senses Company aims to create space for you to connect deeply to your sensory consciousness, allowing you to surrender to your senses and gain further clarity and inspiration.

To get there, The Senses Company delivers :

Educational content through video tutorials, online workshops, in-person events and professional training for individuals or for groups.

Brand consulting services such as brand assessment and brand representation, including promotion, advertising and sales.

– Occasional in-person 1:1 energy & aroma sessions are offered on request, for individuals wanting to expand their wellness experience.

Whether your business involves tea, aromatherapy, energy healing or other wellness modalities, you’ll find The Senses Company Experience all-encompassing, enabling you to operate from a place of intuition and passion that allows for growth and transformation. 

Surrendering to your senses will help you gain further clarity and inspiration.” 

Aromatherapy and aromachology

Simply put, aromatherapy and aromachology are the science of understanding aromas and how they can benefit our emotional and physical health.

Because they revolve around the use of essential oils (a concentrate of “plant power essence,”) there is a scientific approach to it. By analyzing the biochemical composition of essential oil, we are able to identify its therapeutic properties and recommend it for health and wellness purposes.

What truly fascinates me is that although aromatherapy is based on a scientific, tangible and measurable discipline, our empirical understanding of how aromas influence our well-being is beyond the reach of science. 

At their core, aromatherapy  and aromachology are about appreciating the complexity of Nature. 

To me, the use of aromatherapy is deeply connected to the divine essence of Nature’s magic!  I believe that plants have a soul or quintessence and “vibrating” power that connects us to our inner wisdom.

My mission is to bring this science to you in a holistic and nurturing way so you are able to give into your sense of smell and let your breath guide you.


Growing up with an Asian parent, I began to appreciate tea at a young age. Through the years, my curiosity led me to try over a thousand different teas, and today, I have a very special connection with the world of tea and a deep appreciation for the product. 

Tea, besides being one of the most aromatic natural beverages, is about observing nature… art… patience… appreciating beauty… slowing down… letting go… and connecting. It opens the door to travel and discovery of oneself, others and the world at large.

After working with renowned tea brands in the capacity of business and brand development, I see myself as a tea enthusiast more than an expert. However, as someone who appreciates quality teas, I love sharing my knowledge about it with others. 

I see the value in tea not only for its botanical properties and the positive impact it can have on one’s physical health, but as a product that adds something transformative to people’s lives.

Through the understanding and mindful appreciation of tea, I hope that people will  appreciate one of Nature’s most amazing gifts and allow their sense of taste to guide them through the journey. 

“Tea opens the door to travel and discovery of oneself, others and the world at large.” 

Energy healing

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety. It connects us deeply with Universal energy and ourselves. Reiki was a discipline I never intended to learn, but rather, one that crossed naturally through my path. Driven by my own health journey, I decided to learn more about it. 

Similarly, I was drawn to learning about Access Bars.  Although these deal more with the subconscious vs. the energy fields of Reiki, they both provide powerful transformation.

Today as a Reiki practitioner and Access Bar provider, what I find unique and relevant is the energy exchange between the one who practices and the one who receives. I do believe that wellness, healing and the exchange of different levels of consciousness is never a one-way street. 

Energy healing allows me to be a vector of energy in which it can engage with the receiver or individual.  My role is to direct the force where it needs to go.  How the energy travels during a session reminds me that we all feel similar emotions that communicate, but  at different levels and frequencies. 

It reminds me that as humans, there shouldn’t be any judgment or ego toward our unique experiences and journeys. After all, we are each receiving and giving energy at all times.

Healing through Reiki and Access bars is about bringing harmony to this universal and personal experience on Earth. Through it, there is an opportunity to slow down and take a moment for ourselves that heals from the inside out.

In the end, I want to encourage the exploration of wellness and healing that is deeply rooted in self-trust, discovery and surrender to the mind, body and soul.