the senses company by Joëlle Smaniotto

connecting with your senses,
cultivating your essence,
making sense.

Welcome to the Senses Company

Where I am fulfilling my ambition to contribute to your well-being and support your mission to making people’s life healthier.

As I got to learn, feeling happy and accomplished starts with looking after ourselves first, gloriously. This is why it is my mission to support you cultivate your essence, as a human, and instill it into your brand.

Here is my invitation to being yourself, connect with your senses, doing what you love, and makes sense to you, turning inwards and then out, sharing the best of you to the world!

Here is your Invitation

hi, my name is Joëlle.

I am a wellness specialist, who works as a brand and business consultant. I have 13 years of working experience, mainly in sales and brand development, and today, through The Senses Company, I am using my energy and global work experience to support health & wellness initiatives.

If your mission is to bring more wellness to your life and to spread it around you, personally and professionally, We have things to talk about!

“What I do nurture who I am, and who I want to become.”

Let's do this together

My mission is to support health & wellness brands in their development, following four strong values: positivity, determination, empathy and ethics. Currently based in Hong Kong, I have previously lived and worked in Singapore, Paris, Dubai and Bangkok.
Through my professional experience of over 13 years, I have become a strong salesperson, as well as a skilled and inspired brand ambassador.

All along though, I have gone through different states of health and wellness myself and I do know that without a good health, all the rest looses a bit of value, enjoyment and purpose.

This is why today, I am not only focussing on bringing wellness on the business table, but it is also my mission to focus on wellness at a personal level, through “me time” opportunities and self-care that I am also offering here.

Past & current work

International high end spas

Product development, product training & education

Education In Natural Medicines

Business development

World's Finest Teas

Product training & education, sales & representation

Wellness Travel & Resort

Product development

Family Wellness & Aromatherapy

Product training & education

DIY Beauty, Cosmetic & Home Spa

Product development

Aromatherapy Discovery Workshops

Product training & education

Tea Inspired Beauty & Personal Care

Market research, product development


Here’s what some people I have worked with said about me.

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