Connect with your Senses. Cultivate your Essence.

The Senses Company holds space for you to heal naturally and profoundly. By moving away from the mind and trusting the body, we are able to delve deeper into the self, shutting off external noises, slowing down and finding harmony within. Wellness enthusiast, Joelle founded The Senses Company to share what she has learned professionally as well as what she truly loves and believes in as a human being. Her passion for Aromas in general, Tea, Scientific Aromatherapy, Aromachology, Reiki, Breathing, Meditation and Access Bars has culminated into a space meant to nurture, heal and teach the art of self-trust and empowerment.

Her journey began 15 years ago, when she decided to leave her home of Paris and explore life abroad in Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and Hong Kong. Eventually she took a detour back to Paris where she studied Aromatherapy and Aromachology. While living in Dubai, she began to explore Breathwork and Meditation and found transformative healing through these methods. It only seemed natural that this would lead her to run workshops around the use of aromas and energy work for healing inside & out. Joelle’s philosophy is built on the belief that we each have the ability to find healing within ourselves and that through it, we can live happier, fuller lives.

By incorporating different tools such as the use of essential oils, the art of tea drinking and energy healing within your daily life, you’ll feel empowered to break free from pre-conditioned thoughts and patterns and trust your senses and emotions to guide you.

While Joelle holds a deeply rooted love for The Senses Company, her focus at this point of time will primarily be on expanding her other venture: My Healthy Cities, a company aimed at building connections between experts in the health & wellness industry and an audience seeking to level up their health, live their best lives and give back to underprivileged communities.With this necessary focus to take her new venture off the ground, there will be no services available at the Senses Company currently but Joelle will continue practicing her passion and offer information through video tutorials, live workshops and social media posts.
  Additionally, some 1:1 energy & aroma sessions will be offered from time to time.

Follow your unique path towards Wellness.