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The Senses Academy

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Free Introductions

Discover the benefits of essential
oils, herbs and teas

What is tea, actually? Do all teas come from the same plant? How to pair them with food, and how to make a perfect cup?
How are essential oils made? And how to make them safe to use?

Those are great questions I often hear in my trainings, so I thought of putting together a collection of introductory videos and interviews to inspire you. Let’s get you started on becoming an expert yourself.

Online Workshop

Essential Oils & Yoga

For yoga instructors who want to incorporate the use of aromatherapy in their practice and during their classes.

Online Workshop

Aromatherapy, Spa & Massages

For spas and massage therapists willing to learn about the relaxing and energizing benefits of essential oils.

Online Workshop

Breathwork & Aromatherapy

For breathwork instructors interested in combining the benefits of essential oils to their breathing practice.

Online Workshop

Tea appreciation

For tea lovers and aspiring tea masters eager to deepen their knowledge about tea culture and service.