the senses company

About my story and journey

My professional journey

After graduating from business school 15 years ago, I decided to leave my home of Paris and explore the “expat life” in Singapore, Dubai, Thailand and Hong Kong. Through my business degree, I worked in hospitality as an event planner, dabbled in catering and, after joining a premium tea brand, realized I carried a deep connection and love for the craft. 

This passion eventually led me back to Paris where I studied aromatherapy and aromachology.  Later on, I immersed myself in breathwork and meditation and found transformative healing through these methods. It only seemed natural that I was eventually led to run workshops around aromatherapy and energy healing for individuals and corporate clients.

This was a pivotal moment in my journey because up to this point, I thought I had to separate my work life from my personal one. I thought these were two different personas that I had to embody at different moments of the day and therefore, could never coexist simultaneously. This created a disconnect in my internal world and I found myself wondering if there was a different way.

I thought– As business owners, what if shutting down our ideas, toning down our personalities or suppressing our emotions are actually hurting our businesses and ourselves?

What if who we are is the magical component needed to thrive within this life, both personally and professionally?

These inspired thoughts became the core of my philosophy and eventually, the drive behind The Senses Company. 

My Philosophy and Inspiration

It is my belief that as a business owner and creator, your company’s expansion is intimately connected with your own personal journey and growth. It is within this complexity that I have found my inspiration. 

My approach comes from the belief that we each have the ability to find healing within ourselves and that through it, we can live happier, fuller lives and nurture more successful businesses, too.

By moving away from the mind and trusting the body more, we are able to tap into our higher self and look inward, instead of outwards.

In addition, the use of our senses creates the energy needed to get curious, explore what we truly desire and trust ourselves to follow our unique path towards happiness and success.

That is why I am an advocate of embodying our different senses, as this allows us to feel more confident, blissful, peaceful, uplifted and loved in our personal life, as well as in our careers.

At its core, the work that I do serves the purpose of finding connection and harmony in all facets of life. I believe that looking after ourselves and others, healing naturally from the inside out, and tuning into our intuition and life mission allows us to honor who we are and live out our highest purpose. 

“Embodying the different senses allows you to feel confident, blissful, peaceful, uplifted and loved.”

The Senses Philosophy

The Senses Company upholds the philosophy that external factors, such as our social environment, as well as the services and products that we consume are either going to move us further from or closer to our wellness goals.

That is why, as a successful  brand and business development representative, I have decided to focus on supporting brands that share a similar philosophy and strive to promote healthy living. 

I believe that by incorporating wellness tools such as aromatherapy, tea and energy healing (or really, any other elements we’re attracted to) within our daily life, we’ll feel empowered to break free from pre-conditioned thoughts and patterns and trust our senses to guide us.

The purpose of my work is to teach others the value of delving deeper into the self by shutting off external noises, slowing down and finding peace within. In turn, this will allow us to find the inspiration to grow and flourish in our own beautiful way.