About The Senses Company

The purpose of the senses company is to support you in making wellness a strong pillar in your life, using your “essence”, your life purpose, and your good sense.
This space is equally suited for you, if you are working on your self-development, as well as for you, as a business owner, willing to reach out to a new audience, or are looking for some support to develop your wellness brand internationally.
My mission is to make wellness more accessible and available, and I do that through my brand consulting services, as well as through the “me time” opportunities and the different workshops offered here. I focus on how we connect to our senses, and our connection to our deeper life purpose.

The Senses Consulting Limited is a Hong Kong registered company.

About my education and work experience

After following a classic French academic curriculum, I graduated from a Business School in the suburbs of Paris back in 2007.

Since then, my career path lead me to learning about brand and business development and education, in Singapore, Dubai, Paris, Bangkok, and today in Hong Kong.

All along, I enjoyed working in environments related to promoting enjoyment and wellness such as in catering & events, 5-star hotels resorts & Spas, and premium consumer goods such as teas & herbal beverages and natural medicine. And since 2018, I have been building my boutique consultancy agency, so as to harmoniously integrate joy, consciousness and good sense to my work as a brand and wellness consultant.

As natural sciences have become a tremendous source of inspiration for me, mainly in my consideration for a more holistic approach to health, in 2015, I have attended a training program in french aromatherapy(aka scientific aromatherapy) taught by Pierre Franchomme, French researcher dedicated to essential oils for over 35 years, and a reference in his field. I have then followed a complete course in olfactive aromatherapy also known as Aromachology, taught by Patty Canac. Besides being an influential fragrances expert, her commitment is to help others. She has indeed developed a therapeutical approach using scents as a powerful tool to work on our nervous system, our emotions as well as on pathologies causing memory deficiency, in collaboration with San Francisco based Neuro Psychiatrist Jonathan Mueller among others. Both these disciplines revolve around the use of essentials oils in view of good health at several levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally; and these are my main tools to approach the theme of wellness with the people I get to work with, either in a corporate environment or through my services for individuals and families.

A bit more about myself ...


Since 2018, alongside fulfilling my new duties as a mom, I have developed some Aromatherapy & Aromachology workshops, focussing on the safe use of aromatherapy at home, for both parents and kids.

I have also been doing some consultancy work for wellness brands, and contributed to professional trainings in the wellness industry.

Through online courses, live aromatherapy workshops and training, one-on-one discussions I am creating a connection between you and the aromas of the plants, so you can experience their benefits on the physical and psycho-emotional levels.


Living as an “expat” for more than 12 years now, I connect with the local and global health & wellness community to talk about the positive initiatives around health, wellness, education, and also finding ways to contribute to the well-being of the less fortunate.

You are very welcome to follow and contribute on myhealthycities.com .


Whenever I get the chance… I like to hide in my little sanctuary. Reading, meditating, and connecting with the power of plants. It is a learning path to become kind to myself and make priorities so as to achieve a certain balance in life.