me time

Let’s start with this! And by this, I mean a true moment for yourself.

Most of us know how beneficial this me time is, yet often we get caught up and these precious moments of bliss get bumped down our to-do list…

So, in order to re-establish such a valuable habit, and make sure you keep a true selfcare moment for yourself on a regular basis, here is one option I would like to make available to you:

> A one-hour session I called “essentially me” (a service provided within Hong Kong island only) during which I will use aromas to lift your mood or calm you down, and you will be taking home a little potion made with 100% essential oils and a few instructions to make them work for you.

Aromachology is one of my strong pillars in my professional practice, one of my main tools to feel good, and I am organically adding more tools to my box, such as working with energies.

Each session is customizable to your needs, on that specific day.

> Several 10-minute videos you can access for free here, just by creating yourself an account at The Senses.

" Today I listen to my feelings, and I am gentle with myself. I know that all of my feelings are my friends "

Louise Hay