me time

Let’s start with this!
And by this, I mean a true moment for yourself.

If you’re a bit like me… you already know how beneficial a me time is. But knowing and doing aren’t the same deal now, are they? 🙂
I know too well how it is to get caught up in such a fully-packed week that even a little hour of aromatherapy massage or so won’t fit in… and I also know too well how good it would have felt though!

So my dear, it has become my mission to support you in making that time in your calendar and in re-establishing such a valuable habit as a time for yourself.

I am opening a few monthly spots for a 60 minute session (a service provided in Hong Kong island only at the moment) during which I will:

1. use breathing & aromas to support your emotional well-being; some days you might need some relaxation, some other days to focus on stress-relief or to boost your confidence, etc. Each session will be tailored to you on that day. All you’ll have to do is tell me how you feel.
Aromachology is one of my strong pillars in my professional practice and a topic I approach in my articles, videos and courses. Feel free to browse through this site to find out more.

2. use energy healing techniques that will support you in “detoxing” the energies you want out of your body & mind, and channel in the energies that will benefit your state of being at that very moment.
The different techniques I am using are tools that help me serve my purpose of bringing peace, harmony and a sense of clarity to people around me.

3. Prepare something for you to take home including a little potion made with 100% essential oils and a few instructions to use them safely, so you can extend the benefits of our session in your chosen time and space.

We are human beings! The emotions we experience, our mood, our needs are constantly evolving and so is my practice. So depending on you and on the specific day you come to see me, the session will be customizable to your needs, on that specific day.

> Several 10-minute videos you can access for free here, just by creating yourself an account at The Senses.

" Today I listen to my feelings, and I am gentle with myself. I know that all of my feelings are my friends "

Louise Hay