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Positive experiences around aromas

Bringing (even) more well-being into your workplace through 60-min classes, seminars or day retreats. Partnering with you in making your team feel their best!

An interactive 90-min event to learn about the benefits of essential oils from a wellness perspective. You will create your own product to use safely, at home or at work.

A 60-min session combining energy work and aromachology. An opportunity to slow down and take a moment for yourself that heals from the inside out.

Sessions for groups or individuals

Here are some themes we can
explore and revisit for your next booking

Focus & productivity


Self-presence & confidence


Plants & your mood

Aromachology, Tea & Herbs

Wellness in the workplace

Aromas, teas & herbs

Letting go & relaxation


Aromatherapy & sleep


Tea discovery & appreciation

Tea & Herbs

Family aromatherapy