corporate services

Our common values and vision are probably what led you to this page! You are either a health & wellness brand owner or representative, or you work in a completely different field but yet, you know how important it is to create a healthy, happy, and enjoyable work environment for your team.

Either way, you are here to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them improve or sustain their well-being, and help them make more conscious choices in how and what they consume, and in their lifestyle overall. You know that creating healthier habits and leaving a healthier planet behind us is a priority, and you know that every little step counts.

I am with you in this! After working about 15 years in fast-paced environments (event management, hospitality, sales), I have set-up my consulting agency with the intention to support brands in their global development while making sense, and with compassion and ethics. I am supporting companies in creating opportunities to look after one’s health & wellness through my corporate services that include training, team building, brand and advertising consulting.

here are the essential services I offer

team building

I offer a variety of educational yet entertaining workshops to fit small and medium sized groups. The fundamental theme of each session will be the use of essential oils in view of good health, with a focus on mental and emotional health, and the specific topic of your event will be discussed with you and planned according to your preferences.

Product training

Note: this is a service exclusively provided to brands using aromas & aromatherapy As a trained aromatherapist and aromachologist, let me share your passion, by building a strong knowledge base for all people involved in the service of your brand: from distributors to sales persons , from store managers to therapists (according to the nature of your products).

Promotion & Advertising

To make your brand stand out, reinforce your brand image, and build a favorable emotional connection with your clientele, we will create together the right communication around your products & services and relay it on our global health & wellness platform.

Brand assessment & focus group

This first step is essential so as to have a direct and honest feedback about your products & services. If you are launching, this is about testing the water! We will organize sample testing , customer satisfaction surveys, and use other tailored tools depending on your business such as mystery shopping if your products & services are already on the market.