Brand Consulting

My mission is to support health & wellness brands in their development, following four strong values: positivity, determination, empathy and ethics.

Currently based in Hong Kong, I have previously lived and worked in Singapore, Paris, Dubai and Bangkok. Through my professional experience of 12+ years, I have become a strong salesperson, as well as a skilled and inspired brand ambassador.

While I have successfully worked in the food and beverage (F&B), hospitality, and premium goods industries, today, out of personal interest and belief, I concentrate on health, wellness and lifestyle businesses.

I know very well that the passion and savoir-faire you instillate into your brand takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And it would only be right for me, as your brand representative, to share your passion and continuous efforts to bring forward your brand mission in the most efficient way.

This commitment to the brand is what my brand consultancy and representation services are about.

From market study to brand representation, training and sales.

Brand representation

As your brand representative, I will embody your brand, relay positively and faithfully the messages that are dear to you. I will take pride in being your brand ambassador and support your business in its growth.

Product & service demos

By giving a practical experience and bringing life to your products,
I create opportunities for interaction, making sure your products are being understood and will be used to their optimal potential. I value this step as it also allows for live feedback and answering queries on the spot.

Induction training

Let me communicate and share your passion, by building a strong knowledge base for all people involved in the service of your brand: from distributors to sales persons, from store managers to therapists (according to the nature of your products).

Market and data research

I analyse the current market situation, actors, opportunities and develop a growth strategy. One of the first steps to take when presenting your brand to a specific market, is to understand where you are entering, and create a perfect link between what you have and what is desired.

Brand activation & events

To make your brand stand out, together we will connect with event management agencies on creating experiential activities around it, connect with your customers, reinforce your brand image, and build a favorable emotional connection with your clientele.

Quality control

Testing your customer’s satisfaction will be done by organizing sample testing, customer satisfaction surveys, and other tailored tools depending on your business such as mystery shopping. My evaluation services will allow to measure the success of the training that we have implemented.

Business introduction

In order for you to easily connect with your targeted audience and potential business partners, I will vouch for you at industry events, trade shows, and other networking sessions, and get you closer to your “A-list” of prospects. The senses company creates bridges between offer and demand.

Corporate presentations

I will effectively communicate your brand identity, mission and values. Choosing the right people and adapting the best tone to talk about your brand is a crucial choice. Bow Consulting is here to present, impress and engage.

Cultural adaptation

Considering the specifics of your market is something I will always do, in order to bring some local nuances when necessary. We will work together on the best way to present your offer so we connect better with the models, values and trends of your chosen market.