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Aromachology workshops for emotional health

By Joëlle Smaniotto
In partnership with Olfarom

Aromachology is the science of aromas and their influence on our psyche. Whoever practices it is an aromachologist.

Aromachology brings balance to our emotional states (fear, stress, lack of self - confidence, anger, difficulty concentrating, etc.) through the smell of essential oils (EO). Each EO bottle contains the quintessence of the plant with its biotope: a complex mixture with its biochemical characteristics, sometimes several hundred for a single flower.

Once inhaled, the essential oil delivers its many properties. It can be breathed on a handkerchief, on an inhaler stick, or diffused via a nebulization diffuser while respecting the rules of frequency and duration of diffusion.

Aromachology is different from aromatherapy: the aromatherapist uses EO for therapeutic purposes (antivirals, antiparasitics, etc.) orally, internally or through the skin.

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Letting go and relaxation

in partnership with Olfarom

Did you know that sandalwood can bring you serenity and help balance your emotional states? Ideal during a meditation or a yoga session.
This aromachology workshop takes you through a discovery of several essential oils used to calm the flow of your mind and your ruminations , so you can find detachment and relaxation.

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Opening up to spirituality

in partnership with Olfarom

During this workshop, you will discover, among others essential oils, some resins used from all time to connect and receive.
To be able to pay attention to one's inner life, towards a path of openness, transformation and volution.
It is the reconnection to oneself, and to the Self.

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Focus and concentration

At work, for studying

Making the best out of your days at work, and work more efficiently can be supported by some olfactive meditations.
During this workshop, you will learn how to chose the right essential oils to help you concentrate and focus for an exam, an important meeting or interview. We will also talk about essential oils that can alleviate stress and anxiety.

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Self-presence, self-esteem and self-confidence

in partnership with Olfarom

Find your inner balance and your alignement. The selection of essential oils studied in this workshop will help you achieve your full potential as well as:

  • Find a solid anchor
  • Develop your creativity
  • Be in the present moment
  • Improve your concentration

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Social relationship and communication

in partnership with Olfarom

The olfaction of certain essential oils can help us in our interactions at work, by soothing and releasing our emotions and improve our communications.
During this aromachology workshop, you will learn how to use selected essential oils in order to:

  • Improve teamwork, constructive dialogue and a positive attitude
  • Strengthen your motivation and trust yourself
  • Ease public speaking and professional interviews
  • Manage your time, understand your needs and attend to them better

Five senses smell - The Senses Company
Aromachology: Sleep

Sound, Leveled-up, re-Energizing, Enjoyable, Peaceful (sleep)

A good day starts with a good night sleep! This session will focus on essential oils that deliver different properties, all fundamental to accompany you during your night time recovery.
Whether your challenge is to fall asleep or to have a peaceful and restful beauty sleep, we will go through a variety of options to bring you comfort, soothing and sweet dreams.